Crazy Socks – About us


  • People are great! Supporting you to set your own goals and to advance yourself according to your personal demands in paddling, that is our drive and fuels our motivation
  • We enjoy sport and exercise in the open air
  • For us, it’s not just the result that counts, we also want to enjoy the journey . Together we celebrate the smallest progress and the communal togetherness


  • Holistic: training & coaching for body & mind
  • Private & open atmosphere “School Camp Feeling”
  • Empowerment: Developing and using your skills
  • No promises, but know-how & full passion
  • Life-affirming, energetic, rousing
  • Community: mutual support & participation


  • Organization and implementation of trainings, camps and events in stand up paddling
  • Long-term support in coaching
  • Mediation of health-oriented, functional & sporty paddling at an individual level of performance
  • Observance of physiognomic requirements
  • Professional competition preparation
Conscious, highly professional and a bit crazy

Martin Teichmann

  • ACA SUP Instructor Trainer
  • Functional paddling instructor trainer
  • DOSB trainer-C
  • SUP athlete
  • Owner SUP TRIP – Stand Up Paddling Center
  • Mental & physical exercise trainer
  • Respiratory therapist (trainer)

Martin’s paddling story began rather by accident in 2012. He had never had a paddle in hand before, but was immediately infected with the SUP virus. Half a year later he founded a school, more for fun and to bring people closer to the fascinating connection between movement and mental relaxation.

Martin is actually an engineer. However, his passion is working with people, so he prefers to use his analytical skills to improve the performance and technology of his customers. The growth he kindles in them is what drives him. In the meantime he has more than 12 years of experience in the personal development of children and adolescents, as well as as a trainer in various sports. He focuses on mental strength and the connection between body and head. Since 2018 he has been training ambitious SUP kids and teenagers in Potsdam. The Havel Racers, as they formed a permanent team in 2019, have already had several German championship titles on their account.

More deeds than words, that is his maxim. Vitality, energy and awareness are its basic values. He doesn’t do anything without passion and creativity, which always question the status quo and always shines with positive energy.

Martin, known as Teichi among friends and in the scene, has been successfully participating in SUP races since 2017. 2019 was his most successful SUP year so far. Teichi was the overall winner of the Hamburg Championship and the SUP Cup Berlin Brandenburg, Vice German Champion in the SUP Technical Race Ocean on Fehmarn and achieved an excellent 20th in the Longdistance Race at the ICF World Championship in China.

Learn more about Martin:

Facebook | Instagram | SUP TRIP | More info

Tanja Ecker

  • SUP Instructor ACA Level 2 & SKV / SWAV Level 1
  • SUP athlete
  • Athletics C trainer
  • Fitness trainer B license
  • Nutrition coach B license
  • Triathlon C trainer
  • Myofascial Taping Expert

Tanja discovered Stand Up Paddling in 2013. The occasional paddling on the surrounding lakes quickly turned into a new passion. Sport has always played a big role in her life. So it’s no wonder that Tanja studied sports science. In various further training courses, she deepened her knowledge and gained experience as a trainer. She is currently doing her Masters in Sports Management, Event Organization and Sustainable Development in Bern.

Sitting quietly, that was always not her thing. Movement, discovering new things and contact with people, that is what drives Tanja. Her thirst for action is also reflected in all of her activities. You can usually find them outside while paddling, surfing, cycling, hiking, running or taking photos. She was fascinated by travel from the cradle. Always open to new things, she communicates through the world and approaches people. Tanja’s motto “Always have fun”

“The fearless German”, as it is also known in SUP circles, shrinks from almost nothing and is always highly motivated to act and also knows how to inspire other people for something. Giving up is not an option, which she has already demonstrated in her 4 participations in the SUP11 City Tour (5th / 3rd / 2nd / 2nd place). Tanja’s SUP racing career began in 2017. First in Switzerland because of the proximity to her home town. In 2018 and 2019 she won the overall ranking of the SUP Tour Switzerland. In 2019, after two 3rd places in the German championship and the finals in Berlin, she went to the World Cup in China, where she made it into the top 10 twice. In 2019 Tanja finished 23rd in the world rankings. Her 2 German championship titles in 2020 over the Flatwater Longdistance and in the Ocean Technical Race, she could still top in 2021. A total of 7 championship titles in all disciplines and a runner-up title at the finals in Duisburg were on Tanja’s account at the end. Finishing 2021 on 5thplace in the world ranking.

Learn more about Tanja:

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