404 Boards

SUP Boards

Noble design, high quality workmanship and incredibly fast. Designed and tested by the fastest paddler in the world: Danny Ching.

History of 404 & Hippostick

404’s mission is to deliver the highest quality SUP boards with the uncompromising goal of performance.The 404 story began at the 2009 Battle of the Paddle. Greg Jensen, a former pro surfer and shaper, and Danny Ching, a world-renowned outrigger and SUP paddler, met and decided to join forces. The two believe that the addition of an experienced shaper and someone who can test the limits of board design would only lead to the best available SUP products on the market.
Today, Stand Up Paddling is much more than just a way of paddling. Danny Ching is still one of the world’s best paddlers and long held the world record for the 200 meter sprint distance. He combines all his knowledge in the 404 boards and Hippostick paddles.

404 has its roots in racing, but quickly realized the versatility of SUP and vows that every paddler, regardless of skill or activity, deserves the highest quality boards to help them perform at their best.