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The difference between “just” paddling & training:

We are very proud to work with none other than Danny Ching, April Zilg, Johnny Puakea and Paolo Ameglio and to offer training plans specially developed for paddlers of all skill levels! Benefit from many years of experience and the exchange of several top coaches. You can already choose from over 20 different training plans and more will be added all the time. From short distances to long distances to really long distances such as Chattajack or the SUP 11-City Tour, the training plans are periodic, structured and progressive to ensure that you can get into top form mentally and physically on the day of the race. We can help you avoid mistakes and achieve your individual goals. Not only do you get faster, you also have fun!

The PaddleNinja online paddle training platform offers different options for SUP, OC, dragon boat or surf ski. Whether you are preparing for the upcoming racing season or just want to improve your health and fitness, we have the plan for you!

We as Crazy Socks are your contact in Europe and are available to advise you and help you with questions about your individual online program. We are in constant contact with the other coaches and can provide feedback, additions and suggestions about the plans. To do this, you have to register using the links on this website. The goal is to jointly build a “paddler community” that is networked all over the world!

We’re better together than we’re apart!

Become part of the PaddleNinja community:

About PaddleNinja & possible side effects

When you race, you absolutely need a training plan. In March 2019 Danny, April, Johnny and Paolo started the online paddle training platform PaddleNinja. The goal at PaddleNinja is to promote the sport and make you a better paddler.

We love the sport and the people who interact with it and we want to share that excitement.

With the aim of building a network of SUP coaches all over the world, they have teamed up with other trainers, including us!

PaddleNinja is your source for SUP, OC and Surfski workouts and structured training plans specially developed for paddle racing and fitness. These training plans are based on proven endurance and strength training principles and a solid technique and will increase your paddling speed, improve your endurance and make you the envy of all your paddling buddies;)

Side effects include burning abdominal muscles and the “endorphin rush” of a paddler.

You can find an idea of what the training plans look like here . You should register via our website so that you can join the Europa Group! We also recommend that you book personal training or online video analysis. Both with discounted prices for PaddleNinja customers!