Special Camp – Friesland


In stock (can be backordered)

15 – 17 April 2022


  • Special preparation for Ultra-Longdistance/ SUP 11-City Tour
  • Ideal for advanced paddlers
  • Benefit from 10% discount for registration at the SUP 11-City Tour or
  • 10% discount at Crazy Socks if you are already registered for the SUP 11-City Tour
  • Excl. Travel, accommodation and meals (organized accommodation: currently 5 € p.p. & day)

Subject to change due to Corona regulations! If you postpone the camp you will get your money back or a voucher for the next camp!

In stock (can be backordered)


  • From April 15-17, 2022 in Heeg (Friesland / Netherlands)
  • 3 days à 3 x 2 hours training
  • Special preparation for SUP 11-City Tour / Ultra-Longdistance
  • Training focus on ultra long distance
  • 6 – 12 participants
  • Full 3 days of pure SUP and CrazySocks community
  • Camp participants who are already registered for the SUP 11-City Tour receive a 10% discount on the camp price.
  • Camp participants who register for the SUP 11-City Tour will receive a 10% discount on the SUP 11-City Tour registration.
  • plus accommodation for 5 € per person per night (will be collected on site). We spend the night on the premises of Ruurd van Wieren’s shipyard. Toilet and shower available. Ruurd has already participated at the SUP 11-City Tour several times and helped as support at the NON Stop. He can also share tips and experiences around a campfire!


  • Mental preparation and training
  • Breathing training
  • Nutrition (before/during/after)
  • Exchange of experience
  • Regeneration
  • Technical training

Target Group

  • Advanced paddlers
  • Ultra-Longdistance interested
  • SUP 11-City Tour participants (already registered or interested)


– Access to professional photos of the camp 25€
– Photoshooting with Tanja for 50€
– Board rental for 50 €/day
– Can be added for 250 € per month

◦ Determination of the fitness level & training goal
◦ Individual weekly training plan
◦ Online coaching à 30min/ week