404 JUMP 12 ”6 ′ PRO Grom


Flat / all water board

  • no longer in stock! Can be reordered! Also available in other widths and volumes. Next delivery expected April 2022
  • Special design for the European market
  • Fastest 404 flat water board
  • Suitable for almost all conditions
  • Ideal for medium to long distances
  • High-performance board for kids, groms & light women
  • Test options by arrangement in Gaimersheim or Potsdam
22 ”
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We have the Jump in 12 ”6 ‘ specially produced for Europe . This board is intended for children and teenagers and for very light women. In Germany, a 14 ” SUP board can only be started in competitions from the age of 16. In addition, the power-to-mass ratio is significantly better for lighter riders, which means that a 12”6’er board offers many advantages.
Just be careful , once tested, your child won’t want to paddle any other board!

The kids love the board. It’s fast and stable, and has the ideal properties for children! The 12 “6 ‘Jump has the same characteristics as its big brother: It runs very well in almost all conditions, from calm, shallow water, such as on lakes, in ports or rivers, to light and moderate windy conditions on the Sea.

Unfortunately all boards have already been sold, feel free to contact us to test it so that we can reorder one for you!

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