Flat / all water board

  • in 26 “in stock, other sizes on request. Expected delivery in April 2022
  • Fastest 404 flat water board
  • Suitable for almost all conditions
  • Ideal for medium to long distances
  • High-performance board for experienced SUP racers
  • Test options by arrangement in Königswinter / Bonn, Hanover, Gaimersheim, Potsdam or the Basel area (CH)
22 ”24 ”
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The fastest 404 flat water board . Actually developed as a pure flat water board, the Jump also works excellently in choppy, wavy and windy conditions. Above all against the wind or with a crosswind, the board shows its class. The prototype testing was carried out by both Ryland Hart and Danny Ching. In doing so, they consistently achieved top speeds of 10 to 11 mph and were able to increase average speeds by 0.5 to 1 mph on a half-mile test.

The Jump got its name from its ability to accelerate in and over small wind and boat waves without any effort or loss of stability. It is ideal for medium to long distances. It runs very well in almost all conditions, from calm, shallow water, such as on lakes, in ports, or rivers, to light and moderate windy conditions at sea. The Jump is THE board for almost all conditions.

Paddler size and level of difficulty

This is a high performance board for the experienced SUP racer looking for an improvement. The 22 “board is ideal for experienced paddlers between 75 and 82 kg or for inexperienced paddlers under 60 kg. The 24 “model is extremely stable and is for less experienced paddlers between 65 and 75 kg pounds and experienced paddlers between 82 and 105 kg.


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