Ideal for short distance

  • Powerful through a large area
  • Well balanced in stiffness and curvature
  • Maximum catch & optimal release
  • Like a real hippopotamus, well rounded
7.5 "8.0 "8.25 "8.5 "
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While many paddlers are looking for the latest and most innovative paddle, Hippostick has minimized the perpetual comparison of tiny differences and kept it simple.

The handle is ergonomically adapted to hands of all sizes. The cylindrical shaft is the perfect combination of rigidity and curvature . And last but not least, the blade offers a maximum catch and an optimal release for every shot. The blade is very powerful due to its size and offers a lot of stability due to its large surface, for example when bracing or in undulating conditions.

While many paddle manufacturers produce paddles with a large surface area in the underside of the blade or in the middle, the Hippostick AL PRO is like a real hippopotamus … well rounded.

Ideal for all types of paddling.

The AL PRO is also available as an EXP model (GFK / CFK Shaft) with 43 mm Shaft Flex upon request.
The sizes are 7.5 “/8.0” / 8.25 “/ 8.5”.

Detailed report by Danny Ching .

Tanja mainly uses the AL PRO in sprints, short distances, technical races or when it gets wavy.