For women & children

  • Thin shaft especially for women and children
  • Less stress due to the small blade
  • Extremely light thanks to 12K carbon fiber
  • High bending & breaking rigidity
7.0 "
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Handle, shaft and blade are made of 100% 12K carbon. 12K carbon fiber is the lightest carbon fiber per square inch and has the highest tensile strength. A higher tensile strength means that the paddle can have more bend and maintain a high level of fracture rigidity.

The MANA Blade is designed as a smaller paddle for women and children . With a 7“ blade and a shaft of only 26 mm , the MANA paddle puts less strain on the shoulders and joints when paddling.

It is designed for maximum catch and optimal release for every shot.
Ideal for every use and terrain.

The MANA EXP has a flex of 43 mm and is also available as a PRO model (100% carbon) with a flex of 36 mm.