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Ideal for long distance

  • Less stress despite the 87 “paddle surface
  • Resilient over long distances
  • Easier & wider catch
  • Explosive when sprinting
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After years of testing and evaluating, Danny Ching and his team have developed a new design that enables paddlers to be explosive in sprints , but also not to stress the body too much over longer distances. The ideal paddle for longer distances , as it provides a powerful stroke due to the larger surface, but thanks to the narrow 7.1-inch blade, the 87″ paddle surface feels extremely flexible on long paddling stretches . The Triple G carries most of its surface higher up the blade so the paddle can hold the catch further and more easily than most other paddles on the market today.

Like all Hippostick paddles, it also has an ABS (thermoplastic polymer) edge all around, which reduces the susceptibility to cracks and splitting.

The Triple G is available as an EXP model with 43 mm shaft flex or as a Pro model with a stiff full carbon shaft and 36 mm flex.

Tanja uses this paddle for almost all distances over 7 kilometers. The paddle is extremely comfortable to paddle, especially on very long stretches, because it is very flexible despite the large area.